History and values

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Faperin is an innovative company since 1994 in its core business, which is the manufacture of pieces, assemblies, and subassemblies using Plastic Injection. The products manufactured at Faperin meet strict technical and aesthetic requirements because most are used in the automotive market.

Faperin maintains a strong and close relationship with the client and provides its experience, capacity for innovation, and value-providing solutions in order to meet the client’s needs.


At Faperin, we believe that people are one of the fundamental pillars on which the company is based and which allow us to be more competitive and work every day on continuous improvement. We, therefore, encourage and promote participation, communication, and training, so that a high participation level is reached in all the projects.

Plastic Injection Sets

Manufacture of parts, assemblies and subassemblies through Plastic Injection, meeting strict technical and aesthetic requirements. Mainly in the automotive sector.


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The responsibility of our company for its impacts on society


Our constant since our inception in 1994


Concern for innovation to offer the best solutions to our clients