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Faperin offers solutions for the Injection of Thermoplastics, including all processes related to this activity.

We have 100 to 650-ton Injection machines fully equipped with robots, manipulators, and necessary peripherals.

At Faperin we have a highly qualified, involved, and motivated team that provides its experience and knowledge to all our projects and to production control.

Besides the product manufacturing itself through Plastic Injection, we carry out the mounting of assemblies and subassemblies; therefore, we develop the necessary assembly tools or automations that can make the job easier and ensure productivity, repeatability, and avoid errors (Poka Yoke).

We have ample experience in the use and application of nanomaterial-reinforced materials such as CNT, for products with electrical conductivity requirements or electromagnetic shielding needs.

The implementation of an ERP system allows for production control of each production unit in real time, maintaining product traceability at all times from raw material to client delivery.

On the other hand, we work with kanban-type production systems, comply with FIFO-type priority systems, and always adjust to the client’s requirements.